Monday, September 21, 2009

Twiddle or Twitter?

As I see it, next Wednesday, Sept. 30, at noon EST, you have two choices:

1) You can twiddle. Twiddle your thumbs, twiddle your pencil, twiddle away your lunch hour reading 1,000 Dust Motes to Spy Before You Die


2) You can twitter along with Cheryl Klein and me as we chat about OPERATION YES, the writing and editorial process, and which one of us has a marked obsession with pudding.

You can find us in the top secret chat room located under the hashtag #YESchat.

For more about these choices, see Cheryl's post Would you rather . . .? in which she deviously tries to cloud the pudding discussion with pie and cake.

If you have no idea what Twitter is, please see InkyGirl's post "Writer's Guide to Twitter." Hop on the Twitter wagon at, practice a little, and be ready to join us on Sept. 30.

PROGRAMMING NOTE:  For the #YESchat, I'll be tweeting from my @saralewisholmes account and Cheryl from @chavelaque.  Amusing, informative, and delicious posts will then be re-tweeted at a later time from my @operationyes account. Please feel free to twitter with me on either account beginning today or on any other day ending in Y.


  1. You know how fond I am of you and Operation Yes, but I am not yet ready for the Tweet. I can barely handle Facebook.

  2. No worries, Adrienne. You may just eat pudding in solidarity with us at noon.

    We're going to try to archive the chat for the Twitter-adverse. And for what it's worth, I had to be hit over the head by Twitter before I saw its value. Now I find all sorts of useful links on it, and I've made some fun connections, too.

  3. I'll be among the pudding-eaters, but will be wishing you well in your tweetishness.


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