Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vitamin W

Need some writing vitamins today?

HipWriterMama has a fantastic 30-day challenge going called "Mapping Out Writing Time." Videos, writing prompts, inspiring stories . . . she's got the juice.

Through the Tollbooth is always well-stocked with timely advice, but last week, they outdid themselves with a series of posts beginning with the irresistibly titled "FREE: Writing Lessons Here!" If free doesn't do it for you, they also have posts about retreats, MFAs, conferences, online classes, local writing centers . . . you have no excuse not to learn something from this power lunch.

Finally, if you need a push on the marketing end, there's Shelli's Market My Words where every Monday, she interviews a key player in the biz, and every Friday, she rounds up the best marketing advice on the web. As good as Vitamin C (I'm talking Caffeine) for jazzing you up about an often-dreaded part of the writing life.

There you go. Eat up. Be happy.


  1. I had not seen Vivian's series--thank you for that!! I do need a little Vitamin W, since I'm taking a look at another ms. that needs revision...

  2. Wow. I'm glad and totally honored my posts are giving you some power, Sara. Thank you!


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