Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The winner is ....

Laura, I'll be mailing your signed copy of Operation Yes and your YES wristband this week. And since it's Random Acts of Publicity week, I'm going to add that Laura also has a brand-new poetry book out and it's perfect for the beginning of school:

Stampede is funny and honest about the "wild side" of school, plus Laura does amazing school visits and teaches courses on poetry. It's ironic to me that she writes so wonderfully about the "wild side" of life when she inspires me to be more organized and calm!

See some sample poems here in this review by Elaine at Wild Rose Reader. Cool book activities from her book launch are here.

Thanks to everyone who commented here and at my new site. I wish I could sign copies for all of you.

Wait! I can! Details to follow . . .


  1. Nice way to add in a Random Act of Publicity! Hurrah!


  2. Thanks, Sara--wow, I won twice!

    I really can not wait to read OPERATION YES!


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