Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Generous (and Genius) Idea

Thank you, thank you, everyone who came out to dance with me to celebrate the launch of Operation Yes. Reading the comments was almost as good as having you all rocking out at my house, and probably less hard on my carpet. There was even SOUP made in my honor. (Thank you, Jama!)

There's still time ('til midnight Friday, wherever you live) to win a signed copy of the book and a "YES" wristband. Just go here and leave a comment. (Internet Explorer users: I'm sorry, but iWeb refuses to play nice with IE. Can you possibly use Firefox or Safari? I promise your life will be better if you do. But again, if you have trouble, leave your comment here instead.)

In other news, the innovative Darcy Pattison has put forth a generous (and genius) idea: Random Acts of Publicity Week.

Darcy says "I’m declaring next week, September 7-11, as the RANDOM ACTS OF PUBLICITY WEEK, a week when you do something to promote a friend’s book, or to promote a recent book you’ve read."

(Looks like Liz is starting this early, with her lovely tribute to Marcelo in the Real World, aptly titled "Some Books Just Blow Me Away.")

Seriously, having friends who write books I love is one of the major blessings of my life. I know other bloggers struggle with how to review books by friends (and I do too, sometimes) but mostly I just pinch myself that I'm part of such a generous and talented community. So, like Liz, I'm starting the RANDOM ACTS early, too.

On GoodReads, I posted a mini-review of Tracking Trash, written by my friend, Loree Griffin Burns. Because yesterday afternoon, my mind needed a strong dose of non-fiction, and Tracking Trash cleared out my head with its prose as clear as a pristine bay. Plus, it made me smile and remember why scientists are the biggest kids on the planet, pursuing the most fun questions with their never-still minds. (That includes you, Loree!)

And this Sunday, I'll be headed to Hooray for Books! in Alexandria, Va, to see my friend Kristy Dempsey, who will be signing her new picture book, ME WITH YOU. It's hard to describe a book that does such a good job of being its own perfect self, but I'd call ME WITH YOU a hug in book form. Yeah. If want to let someone know that you really love them and would hug them every second if you could, this is the book you buy to share together.

More random acts next week!


  1. Squee! You're going to be at Kristy's signing :).

    I have IE, and yes, it doesn't seem to like the OY website. I'll look into Firefox. :)

  2. Thank you, Sara! I'm so glad my trashy little book cleared your head. And you've totally inspired me to spread some random acts of publicity kindness myself.


    ps. I'll be seeing Kristy next week when she swings through MA. Hooray for ME WITH YOU!


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