Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Want TWO peeks inside an editor's brain?

Twitter chat with me and my editor Cheryl Klein 
Wednesday, September 30 at Noon, EST

Hashtag: #YESChat
Tweeting from @saralewisholmes and @chavelaque

Questions answered at the end of the chat
Twitter help: InkyGirl's Twitter Chats for Writers

How to win a signed copy of Operation Yes
revealed at the end of the chat!

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One more amazing thing: Cheryl just posted an essay at the Scholastic On Our Minds blog. She tells how reading an author's blog---yes, this blog you're reading now---helped her acquire Operation Yes.  (I'm suddenly terrified in hindsight!)


  1. I just read Cheryl's essay and... wow. Makes me wonder if I need to go back over all my blog posts and see if I need to undo some damage, of i minding my p's and q's from here out is enough. What a great share, thanks for that Sara, and I hope I can catch the tweetfest tomorrow.

  2. I doubt you need to change a thing, David. You're who you are, p's and q's don't figure in. You say what you think and you're not afraid of the big issues. What's not to like?

  3. Cool! I look forward to tweeting.


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