Monday, May 31, 2010

Three Authors, Three Posts, One Memorial Day Weekend

I'm at the TeensReadToo Book Club Blog today, talking about military families for Memorial Day. My post is the third of the weekend. On Saturday, Rosanne Parry (Heart of a Shepherd) gracefully and purposefully addressed the challenging topic of Patriotism and Military Fiction. On Sunday, Suzanne Morgan Williams (Bull Rider) wrote movingly about Traumatic Brain Injury and how war affects communities. Today, it's my turn, and I tell a personal story that begins with four words: Your dad is okay.

If you comment on Suzanne's post, you have a chance to win a copy of her excellent Bull Rider, and if you comment on mine, you could win a copy of the Operation Yes audio book (as a digital download from

Come join us!

I'm also excited to announce that Rosanne, Suzy, and I will be presenting a panel on Military Fiction at the National Council of Teachers of English conference in Orlando this November. More details to come.


  1. Great post, Sarah. Thanks! I remember you talking about your son's lead on his college essay just after he wrote it. I'm off to thank some families!

  2. Sara, great post! I loved it. My eyes filled up because my husband was there that day too (on the opposite side of the building). We had just learned that we were expecting (Charlie is 8 now).

    Your post and what you said on Sunday made me start thinking about what Charlie and Alice are feeling with Dave leaving for his last few weeks. There never seems to be anything pointed to them and how they feel. So I surprised myself and wrote down some thougths from Charlie's perspective. It felt good to write it out and to think about how he might be feeling. THANKS.
    Great to see you Sunday.

  3. Great to see you (and the kids) on Sunday. I love your idea of writing out some thoughts from Charlie's point of view. It's hard sometimes to know what kids are absorbing and what is rolling off. What we worry/care/obsess about may not be what matters to them. But there's always that shared love to carry us through.

    I love that you did Pennies for Peace with their school. What a lovely thing.


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