Saturday, August 18, 2007

When I knew enough to know nothing at all

I drove my daughter to college yesterday, and moved her into the same dorm that I moved into 26 years ago. I hope she eventually goes to a party like this one. (Oh, and studies hard! Yes, lots of studying!)

Guess which one is me.

(And if you want a history of the Chimera SF Fan Club, click on the picture. There may be a few more compromising photos over there, too.)


  1. I'm confused.

    I assume you transferred at some point?

  2. Is that you in the pink up front?

    COLLEGE already? Oh my. How exciting.

  3. Uh-oh, I've been called out by my fellow William and Mary graduate, Anne Marie! And yes, I transferred to William and Mary for my junior and senior years. Changed majors, changed lives, got married, all sorts of life stuff.

  4. That's a big event--taking your child to college. Wow. Congrats to y'all!

  5. I miss those days... I wonder sometimes how I even graduated with all of the fun right there in front of me.

  6. Are you the guy front-right with the moustache?

  7. Or maybe that scary shadow thing with glowing eyes back-left?

  8. Oh, good eyes, eisha! I'll bet you rock at Where's Waldo too. ;)

  9. You just don't look old enough to be taking your child to college?

  10. I don't FEEL old enough to have a child in college, but there it is. :)

  11. No, really... What is that scary shadow-thing with the glowing eyes???

  12. I think only you can see it, eisha...

    No, really, that's my friend, Jack. He was actually a very gentle giant.

    And to end the nail-biting suspense, jules is right. That's me, in the oh-so-vibrant pink. What you can't see is that I have a coral-colored, glittery bead glued into my belly button. And I hand sewed those sequins on my shirt and pants. And the little bells on my gold slippers. (Can't see those either, but I swear it's true.)

  13. My Pappy said "Son you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop reading that science fiction!" I'm glad to see you encouraging your daughter to become One Of Us.


    Front row, third from the right

  14. Well, hello there, Danny! Those were the days, weren't they?

    We lived so many different places after my time at UNC that I never would have imagined that my daughter would wind up there. But she loves it. And she's taking physics, too!

  15. Better tell her to toss in a little Art History to balance out that physics. I didn't, and, well, you can imagine what's become of me.

    Dan (since I turned 30)

  16. >> The Interrociter said...
    >> well, you can imagine what's
    >> become of me.

    Those of us who see Dan regularly know, and trust me Sara, it's scary.

    I decided to gradually go bald instead of taking Dan's graying hair route. And since I saved up my middle-age man paunch (and then some) in my twenties, it's not as obvious on me as it is on the other men of the old gang....

    I saw you with hubby and daughter at NCSSM open house some years ago. But by the time I parked my son at the lunch table, you had already fled. So here's a belated, "Hi!".

    Jack (now in Johnson City, TN) and Eugene, send their best.


  17. I can't believe we missed each other like that!! Maybe you'll see my daughter on campus one day...if so, say hi, because she DOES know who Chuck is, because some of those stories were just too good not to share... :)


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