Sunday, April 15, 2012

April is Poetry 14 and 15

I believe I owe you two haiku.

It was my husband's birthday this past week. We celebrated aboard a military jet, with a group of wonderful folks singing to him in Hebrew, a first for him.  (We were escorting Israeli guests around the U.S. on an adventure I can hardly believe was real now that we're back home.) But I didn't get to cook for him, so tonight, I made up for it. Almost.  

coffee-rubbed rib-eyes
homemade coleslaw and cold beer
Cake: sweet IOU

Also, last night, we went to see Eugene O'Neil's A Long Day's Journey into Night, which isn't for the faint-hearted.  We nearly forgot we had tickets; I remembered over dinner, and we had to scramble to make curtain.  But it was completely worth the rush and bother.  Wow.

But for some, it was too much.

Production notes read
Oh, it's about family!
Intermission: gone.

I'll try to keep the daily in daily haiku next week...


  1. Thanks for sharing...I just this weekend finished reading "Journey" and today watched (on my laptop--not optimal) a performance with Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey and Peter Gallagher. Definitely not for the faint of heart--can't imagine seeing it live!

    1. I haven't seen that performance, but I'm imagining it now...

      Live adds an electricity you can't replicate. Always.

  2. Wow, I think we read Long Day's Journey in grad school, if I remember correctly. ALl the power and beauty and pathos - and to be gone by intermission!? Um... wow.

    What a lovely thing - a birthday in Hebrew! Yom Huledet Sameakh to your honey, and I hope you make the cake last.

    1. I can usually spot who's going to bail at intermission. People come clueless, and I do, too sometimes--- on purpose, so I'll get the full impact without too much baggage. But I wonder how many people think of plays as light entertainment instead of the explosive literature they really are. Even the "fun" ones can be live wires.


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