Monday, April 16, 2012

April is Poetry #16

Using creative math, I've now caught up the post title (#16) with the actual date (April 16.)  This was to cover some lapses in my daily output, some double posts, and some uncounted poetry Fridays.  

In general, I like math. I think of it as another language, one that's fun to learn, and capable of saying some amazing things.  But as much as I'm impressed by writers who adhere to strict word counts, with flashy online gadgets that tick over the daily output, I don't want to know such stuff. *

Let others count days
All is relative to me
Am I writing now?

----Sara Lewis Holmes

* I might do better if said gadgets plunked out M&Ms; five or so per line.


  1. I find that when I have a strict number of words I'm supposed to hit with an assigned piece, I get kind of anxious about it. It's something about the precision.

    1. I always overwrite, then pare down. It becomes like a puzzle to say it in as few words as possible.

  2. Http:// is as close to an M&M dispenser that I have found...

    1. Haha! And not nearly as bad for my health. Of course, I just typed "I want a kitten" over and over. Not stellar prose.


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