Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April is Poetry #3

I'm off by a day
# 3 on April 4
subtract one add more

----Sara Lewis Holmes

Better haiku at Liz's place.

More poetry, plus links to other daily poetry bloggers (and a wonderful progressive poem project!)  at Mary Lee's.

Lots of juicy finds from Tanita at [fiction, instead of lies].

The poetry potluck with recipes and delicious images and poems at Jama's Alphabet Soup---so happy this is a recurring Poetry Month event.


  1. I'm off by more days
    not completing even one
    impressive, Sara!

  2. Let's be "off" together, then. :)

  3. Love it Sara! It's easy to lose a day.

  4. Schtick happens.
    The power of one more and then another will make it alright.


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