Sunday, April 22, 2012

April is Poetry #22: Open House at the Folger Shakespeare Library


Happiness reigned.

For some.

I think the little one in the pink bow is saying: This is SO not my century.

But again: check out how regal that girl in blue behind her looks!

I wonder which one Shakespeare would've written about.

What would the bard do?
Praise blue bird of happiness
Or ensoul a pout?

There was also this highly uncomfortable looking chair.
Perhaps that would make someone, even a princess, unhappy.

My favorite reading nook

Shelves of folios

The famous Seven Ages of Man window

You could roast a moose in there.

Emerson Fireplace

I looked up the quote in Barteby's online, which says these lines are from Emerson's  “Solution,” lines 35–42, Poems, p. 222 (1918).

England’s genius filled all measure
Of heart and soul, of strength and pleasure,
Gave to the mind its emperor,
And life was larger than before:
Nor sequent centuries could hit
Orbit and sum of Shakespeare’s wit.
The men who lived with him became
Poets, for the air was fame.

Ah, well, then. I would've liked to breathe that air. 


  1. You find the BEST places having the best events!

    I love that pink bow! And the ruff(ed?) collar. But, I think our Bard would have chosen the pout; he rather liked the dramedy of a good tragedy...

    1. Yes, pouts are inherently more playable, aren't they? Although I think a girl who can carry off a ruff at that young age has an interesting story too.

      I LOVE living within walking distance of the Folger. It's like a candy store.

    2. That looks so fun.

  2. "Or ensoul a pout" great line and a new word for me: ensoul.
    Thanks. It looks like a wonderful place.


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