Thursday, April 19, 2012

April is Poetry #19

Running through the Capitol Building grounds is like being in a movie. No matter how many times I do it, it still feels a bit unreal, as if suddenly dancers are going to emerge and begin singing about democracy.  This is especially true after hours when the the plaza seems huge in its emptiness.

During the day, though, people are snapping pictures EVERYWHERE and it’s useless to dodge them.  I try not to cross in front, of course, but when I cut across the main steps, I have to accept I’m going to be a blur in a few dozen photos.  (Not a fast blur, mind you, although I do pick up my feet to get past in a hurry.)  I wonder where my pixels end up, in digital land?

Mobs in matching shirts
Capitol crowds poke and pry
I am deep background

---Sara Lewis Holmes


  1. Hee! I felt the same way just being around DC in 2010. All of those stately buildings and avenues, and you were just SURE there were cameras somewhere... and, there usually were...

  2. Love that last line! So many layers possible here. Great set up too; it got me thinking.

  3. I wish people would pop out and start a song-and-dance routine every once in a while when I'm at the gym. It would surely liven things up.


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