Monday, April 2, 2012

April is Poetry

My dear friend Liz is offering one haiku a day for the month of April.  Won't you join her?

Here's mine for today.

I love to pause and look out my window while I eat lunch:

two wrist snaps of wind
sting of blooms reddens window
sticky fork idles

---Sara Lewis Holmes


  1. this is my third year of tweeting at least three haiku a day during national poetry month. the ratio of goofy to serious is about 3:1, but here is my favorite from yesterday.

    tendrils of sunlight
    gently caressing eyelids
    late afternoon nap

    1. Oh, how I love a haiku-length nap. :)

      I'm impressed with three haiku a day. And that you dare to go goofy.

  2. Sara, I love those wrist snaps of wind!

    1. Thanks, Laura. I think my little haiku is rather violent. ;)


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