Thursday, April 5, 2012

April is Poetry #4

pine-thick rosemary
pressed deep in foccacia
still leaves child-height fence

----Sara Lewis Holmes

This is my neighbor's rosemary bush. She generously shares with me. For Christmas, I took several branches and placed one over the hall mirror, a row along my mantle with a string of tiny jingle bells, and one in a white stocking on the door.

I have yet to make focaccia from it, but I plan to, using this recipe from Handle the Heat.

More daily haiku from Liz.


  1. Oh,pressed deep in foccacia! That might be the nicest rosemary plant I've ever seen. The fragrance of your poem is making me smile today. Thank you :).

  2. Believe me, I thought of you when I posted!

  3. I'm thinking of those still leaves, pressed in focaccia; fragrant and festive.


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